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Here's what Hunterz will do for you.

Fewer costs

Digitalization will significantly reduce your recruitment costs

Faster process

The recruitment process and the evaluation of application files will take much less time

Loyal employees

Your employees become highly committed and loyal to your organization

What is Hunterz?

Hunterz is an in-house co-opting recruitment platform. It is fully customizable to your organization's image and can be structured and digitalized according to your wishes.

Studies show that recommendation from peers is the most effective way to find the right candidate in a fast and sustainable way for an organization.

With our unique system and fun rewards and bonuses, let your employees become your best ambassadors!




Customize the experience

Depending on your business area, you can customize the user experience by adapting the app design while remaining in the playful and gamification field.

Accessible to all employees

The app is available to all iOS and Android users and was developed for all types of audiences to make it is easily accessible and to make participation as smooth as possible.

You are at the right place.

Move UP was founded in 2006 and offers high-quality services in the Human Resources field.

With a team of 15 motivated staff, it is led by two partners who want to put the concept of "service" at the forefront.

Move UP is a company whose services are tailor-made for each client. It specializes in the recruitment of executive positions, managers and specialists, as well as the evaluation of employees and human resources digitalization.


What others say.

This co-opting recruitment game invites employees to become head-hunters. With organizational co-optation employees receive a bonus that allows them to grow their network

With its Western style, Hunterz makes recruitment by co-optation more playful and more engaging, with a little humour.

With its gamified Western universe, Hunterz is a mobile app that can be used by employees chosen by the company subscribing to the offer.

How to succeed in recruiting by co-optation?

Numbers, Techniques & Best Practices.

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